Past Hirers

Just some of the feedback we have received from hirers and also audience members:

"I have always found Carnival of the Divine Imagination to be professional, accomodating and enthusiastic."
— Graeme Ferguson (Events Officer, Pine Rivers Shire Council)

"The performance was accessible to, and greatly enjoyed by, a broad cross section of the community in attendance ... I was particularly impressed by the professional approach of the Carnival — the troupe developed a performance that was perfectly suited to the dynamics of the Gallery and the occasion."
— Michael Beckmann (Director, Ipswich Art Gallery)

"Best show I've ever seen!"
— Audience Member, Eskenta! performed at Bornfire 2006, Singapore Arts Festival

"I was amazed. It was phenomenal, it was one of the most creative and inventive performances I have seen. I am disappointed I have not seen this till now. I have had a look at your website, and will be making an effort to come to some of your upcoming performances. Keep up the amazing work."
— Clay Wesener (Audience Member, Eskenta performed at QPAC)

"You guys are shit hot!"
— Jesse's mum

Carnival of the Divine Imagination