Agents & Event Organisers

We work with many local and international agents to bring our performances to diverse events and audiences around the world. We have prepared "agent-friendly" resources to make it easy for you to showcase Carnival of the Divine Imagination to your clients.

Demonstration CD-Rom

Get your free copy of the Carnival's demo CD-Rom featuring print quality performance photographs, bios and high quality agent-friendly videos that can be used in client presentations. Contact us for your free copy.

Agent Friendly Website

You may refer your clients to our constantly updated, hassle-free agent friendly website, featuring the latest performance photographs and agent friendly videos:

This alternate website identical to, except that it contains no contact information. Use of this site will ensure that your clients book Carnival of the Divine Imagination through your organisation.

Presentation Media

We supply high quality presentation media for each of our shows. Download and print your own copy of:


We value and respect professional relationships and will never circumvent agents to contact clients directly. We are happy to distribute agents' business cards at events we perform at on behalf of an agent.

Quotations on Demand

Our versatile and speedy quotation system means we can turn around detailed custom quotations in just minutes. Call us for a guaranteed same-day custom quote, or use our online booking form.

Insurance Certificates

All artists are covered by world-wide public indemnity insurance for AU$20 million. Individual certificates of currency may be downloaded at any time from a secure location. Please contact us for details.

Carnival of the Divine Imagination