The Predictably Irregular Issue
the Carnvial Chronicles
Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Firstly, a thanks to you all who have signed up for our irregular newsletter. I think with this issue, we have certainly proved that it is, if nothing else, irregular. Though it's difficult to pinpoint why exactly, we've had a very busy year. That is the excuse I will choose to use anyway. So, here's to our very first newsletter for 2006! We may make up for it with another one soon ;-)

In this issue for your reading pleasure...

  • Chamar 2.0
  • Upcoming: Bornfire 2006 @ the Singapore Arts Festival
  • Brisbane Winter Fire Twirling Workshops
  • Woodford '05/06 (better late than never ;))

Chamar 2.0


On Saturday the 22nd of April we were in Ipswich for the street festival and it was cold. Very, very cold, and we were covered in wet clay that stubbornly refused to dry, wearing nothing but underwear and loincloths. We did this for two reasons: because we're masochists, and because we were performing the new and improved version of Chamar, the tribal show we created for Earthcore late last year. The show went fantastically and everyone loved it, and then we enjoyed the exquisite feeling of hypothermia that only cold showers can induce. It was a fun evening. A new video of this performance will be online shortly.

Upcoming: Bornfire 2006

23rd June - 25th June 2006
We have been gearing up for our second visit to Singapore, where we will be part of Bornfire -- South East Asia's very first fire festival, that will be held in conjunction with the larger Singapore Arts Festival this year. This is a free public event featuring artists from around the world, including Finland's Rubber Heart Duo, and Singapore's own, Fire Flys. As well as performing a brand new fire show and teaching workshops to unsuspecting Singaporeans, we will be collaborating with the Fire Flys (our friends, and, the organisers) to create a once-off cross cultural ultra violet performance, to be performed for one-night-only at the Esplanade, Singapore! Visit for details.

Winter Fire Twirling Workshops

Winter is here again, and as usual many budding twirlers have been won over by the allure and coziness of the indoors. At this time of year we usually pull back to a fortnightly workshop schedule because of the smaller class numbers, but this year we're trying something a little different.

Workshops are still running every week (and as they will throughout winter), however, we will be alternating between staff and poi each week (rather than offer staff and poi simultaneously at each workshop). Check out our site for details.

Please note, there will be no workshops from 15th - 22nd June as we will be at the Singapore Arts Festival, however, they will recommence on June 29th as usual.


From one extreme to another...

Like us, those of you who went to Woodford Folk Festival this year will probably still be languishing from heat-stroke. Despite the oppressive temperature however, Woodford was, as always, divine. We spent most of our time playing in Circadia with the beautiful carnival folk we met, for everyone who played with us in our workshops we hope you had as much fun as we did!


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