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the Carnvial Chronicles
Sunday, 17 December 2006

Hello! And welcome to another episode of the Carnival Chronicles, keeping you current on our fiery fiascos.

In this issue for your reading pleasure...

  • Welcome back, Carnivaliens!
  • Workshops
  • Christmas Gift Certificates
  • New Year's Eve
  • Woodford Folk Festival (+ La Famille, Fire Event)
  • Elsewhere

Welcome back, Carnivaliens!

The first point of order is to welcome two of our performers (Jesse and Karen) back from 3 months of work in the US. Their trip was a great success, and included work with the animal charity PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The photo below was taken in Time Square, after the cleaver wielding chicken (Karen) chased the bloodied Colonel Sanders (Jesse) through the streets of New York, accompanying a parade of corporate logos (including Colonel Sanders). When we heard that birds raised for KFC buckets are routinely scalded alive, have their beaks cut off without pain relief and suffer from painful and crippling diseases, we jumped at the opportunity to help with the call to boycott KFC until they improve their animal welfare standards. Read about it at KentuckyFriedCruelty.com.


We have recommenced workshops in the lead up to Christmas, with a staff workshop coming up on 21/12/06. This workshop is very close to full, so contact us early if you'd like to join us!

Sadly due to other commitments we have decided to postpone regular workshops after the 21st December. Please keep in contact if you are still interested in group workshops, as we may schedule occasional public workshops when we have time. We will still run private workshops as usual :)

Of course, every week you can still make your way down to the Suncorp Piazza, at Southbank, on Monday evenings from about 7:30pm (til late), for a fun filled evening of juggling, spinning (no fire, just practice), and general silliness at the weekly Juggle Jam. This free meet is open to anyone and is a great place to meet other inspiring and creative circus arts types, from beginners through to professionals. People are very friendly and always willing to give advice.

Christmas Gift Certificates

Christmas is almost here! Get in quick to order your private fire twirling workshop gift certificates in time for Christmas. Contact us to order one for your friends or family. Discounts available for workshop and fire toy bundles :)

New Year's Eve

For those planning to be in Brisbane for New Year’s Eve, make your way down to Southbank for a wonderful night of entertainment, including hourly performances by Carnival of the Divine Imagination, starting at 6pm.

We will be performing 'Unsuited': a playful production that takes your typical suited businessman and throws him into a splendid fiery fantasy. Follow a journey that weaves together unexpected characters in a dramatic mix of the ordinary and extraordinary...

Woodford Folk Festival

The Woodford Folk Festival is also looking like a great place to be this year! There’ll be several opportunities to catch Carnivaliens at the festival.

Circadia (the circus play space) has the fullest schedule of any Woodford venue, with:

  • Juggle Jam – (10am-8pm daily) – Learn, practice and play with other performers and punters. Equipment will be offered on loan at the venue, but by all means bring along your own.
  • Workshops – With instruction by Circadia staff (including Carnival performers) and other special guest artists, in a variety of expertise (from absolute beginner through to advanced skill levels)
  • Fire Place – Every night of the festival there will be a managed, safe fire space on the street outside of the Circadia venue.
  • Woodfoot Walkabout – taking fresh beginners through the skills of stiltwalking and guiding them towards being a fully-functioning street theatre walkabout crew.
  • Games for Grown Ups – Just that – getting big people playing games for fun and not competition.
  • Cir-Cabaret Open Stage – 4 nights of open stage starring the Circadia Community – that means anyone who something to share.
  • Chill Space – (midnight-3am) – Woodford’s first and only chill-space venue! Including UV decor, comfort, tunes (including aural Carnival contributions) and projections, evening arty activities and a lot more
  • And more!

La Famille @ Woodford

(side project of Carnivalien, Jasmine) will be another must see at the festival! Saucy fan girls, hooping temptresses and dazzling divas are lured into frivolous fancy by the smoky sounds of swing jazz. The fusion of contemporary physical performance and live jazz, La Famille offers smouldering delights from these creatures of the night.
  • WED @ The Empire - 24.30-25.30
  • THURS @ The Empire - 21.15-22.00
  • FRI @ The Bazaar as part of the Kafka Cabaret Hour (Words, Wax & Sax) - 23.15-late

Fire Event @ Woodford

Fire spinners are also invited to participate in the fire event. You will need to take part in half hour rehearsals every day of the Festival from 4pm, at the Amphitheatre. An intermediate skill level is expected. If you are interested please meet at the Amphitheatre on 28/12/06 at 4pm.


Happy holidaying, from all the Carnivaliens!

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