The Carnival Chronicles
the Carnvial Chronicles
Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Hi everyone!
It has been a busy year so far, but not too much to report on the Carnival front.
Just a couple of quick notes:

Carnival is now on Youtube Which has the videos of most of our past shows, including a couple which are brand new videos!

Also, we have a huge surplus of fire equipment, and so this Saturday the 8th of September We are having a garage sale of sorts of all our excess gear. If you want to stock up on some good, cheap equipment, this would be a good time :-)
The address is 13 Grantham St Dutton Park (just off Annerley rd, Brisbane - near both the Park Rd and Dutton Park train stations). There will also be a bit of miscellaneous non fire performance stuff too - and some glow and UV toys, so come and check everything out.

Also, becuase there hasn't been time lately to update the website, our regular Kangaroo pt. workshops have been suspended this year, and so only private workshops are available. For these, email Chris ( or call him on 0401 928 188. The workshops are held in Dutton Park, Brisbane, and are $60 for 1 person, $50 each for 2, $40 each for 3, $35 each for 4 and then $30 per person above that. The workshops run for about 1 1/2 hours, which includes a safety discussion and some time to try spinning with fire.

That's about it, so we hope everyone out there has had an awesome year!
-Everyone at the Divine Imagination team


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