The Carnival Chronicles - Winter Edition
the Carnvial Chronicles
Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hello Everyone!
It has been a long time since you have heard from us, and carnival has changed a bit in the mean time. We have changed some members of the troupe around, for one.
Our troupe is now led by Chris Bennett, who took over after Jesse and Karen left to work for Animals Australia.
We also have Sam Stabler and Eve Everard, both of whom you all can learn a bit more about on our website.

Now, by popular demand...
The weekly Kangaroo pt. workshops are resuming, run by Sam, who will be teaching every Thursday night. The workshops start at 6:30pm, and run until 8pm, with all equipment provided. The first and third Thursday of the month will be poi instruction, the second and fourth will be staff. There will also be a chance to try spinning with fire at the end of the lesson. The workshops are $30 for your first time, and $25 if you come back again. For more information, check the website, or click here.

A New Show!
We have a new UV show, Flicker, which premiered at the Smirnoff Experience 2007 in India at the end of 2007. We have brought in back, ready to go and are training at every chance we get. You can see snippets of the show, from a video shoot we did in Visible Ink (Fortitude Valley) in the video gallery page of our website, or by clicking here.

Carnival Expands:
We now have our troupe based in both Brisbane, QLD and Tasmania, and travel between both states regularly. That means more shows and more workshops in more places!

Other News:
Our website is undergoing maintenance at the moment, which will hopefully be complete in a month or two. With the loss of Karen from the troupe - a fantastic performer and our web administer/site designer - we have had hiccups and delays in getting the site up to date. Those sad times are over now though, so soon the carnival site will be full of great new information, videos, pictures, and more.

Fire Equipment is available for sale again - at this point we only have
monkey fist poi for $80, and for the next month they are only available on request. In July we should have plenty on sale by emailing Chris with your order or from Sam at the Kangaroo pt. workshops.

We are looking for a costume designer to help us craft a new look. Anyone who is interested should email Chris with a CV or image links.

That's all from us for now...
But we hope you all have an awesome year, and happy spinning!


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