Throwing a Party?

Are you looking for something to make your wedding unique; spice up your office/Christmas party; or make your birthday party a memorable night? We provide a range of performances that can cater to any budget and are sure to heat up the vibe at your party!

Roving Fire Characters

Roving performances are a great way for performers to interact with the crowd, creating a firey atmosphere with up-close fire eating, body burning and theatrical fire artistry. This style of performance is ideal for 'meet and great' entertainment but also works as a 'ice breaker' for social functions. Roving performances can also include high energy freestyle fire spinning (where space permits) and this can work well as feature entertainment.

These performances range in length from 30 minutes up to a number of hours in length, and can be performed by 2, 3 or 4 performers. Roving performances are most popular for surprise birthday parties, weddings and other private functions. Roving performances also work very well as a prelude to Eskenta!

Eskenta! — Choreographed Performances

Eskenta! is our 10 minute fully choreographed fire performance including all 4 performers. A tightly synched soundtrack and slick choreography make Eskenta! a perfect high-impact piece of entertainment. This performance is very popular for office parties, including Christmas parties. Eskenta! is a narative performance that works best on a stage, and can also be performed in combination with roving.

More details on the formats we offer are available here.

Need Help?

We have extensive experience catering our performances to unusual themes, locations and budgets. Please call us to discuss which performance format will work best for your event!


We adhere to a strict safety programme at all events and will supply our own fire safety equipment.

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