Fire Tiwrling, Friends & Resources:
    Promoting the arts of fire dancing, worldwide
    fire performers and fire arts training.

    Fire Flys
    (Singapore) Our fire twirling friends in Singapore.
    A fun group of energetic fire flies!

    Cirque Mystique
    (Melbourne) Slick performance and a friendly group of people!

    Three Worlds
    Some fiery characters who run a juggling / circus / twirling shop on the Gold Coast.

    Great guide to Events / Festivals in Brisbane & beyond.

Recommended Shops / Supplies, etc.:
    Gooble Warming
    Colourful people running a colourful shop in West End, Brisbane.

    (USA/Canada) Buy fire poi, kevlar wick and fire spinning supplies.
    Info about events, safety, courses and jams.
    (UK) Comprehensive book on spinning poi plus London based
    fire twirling courses taught by the author.

    Ahimsa House
    A creative community space in West End. Ahimsa House has been home to our past fire eating workshops.

Other Great Sites:
Carnival of the Divine Imagination