Our Safety Commitment

ur commitment to safety is paramount. We realise that fire can be a dangerous element if not regarded with caution. We adhere to a strict safety regime that ensures that we as performers, our spectators, you and your venue are in safe hands.

We take many measures to ensure our safety and yours,
so that all you need concern yourself with is enjoying the show! :-)

Fire & Safety Equipment
We make and maintain all our fire equipment by hand. We know our equipment, and ensure prior to every show that everything we use is free from damage and defects. We also bring to each performance safety equipment including a fire extinguisher and fire blanket/s.

We use only a highly refined odourless solvent as performance fuel. This low-toxicity chemical has a high flash point and is actually classed as a non-flammable chemical! It's low burn temperature and low-smoke qualities make it a very desirable and safe fuel with which to perform -- outdoors or indoors!

Our performers each have world-wide indemnity insurance with cover of up to a massive $20 million. In the unlikely event that any damage should result from our performance/s, rest assured that you will be fully covered!

First Aid
Our performance group has been professionally briefed in first aid.

ur commitment to safety extends through every aspect of our show. Part of that commitment is ensuring that we will have a safe environment in which to perform. We will discuss our requirements with you (such as crowd control, ventilation, safety zones for fuel, etc.), should you decide to make a booking with us. If you have any questions about our safety commitment, please feel free to contact us.

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