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Eskenta! Unsuited: Hot under the collar Fire Characters
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Fire Characters
Duration: Flexible (up to 2 hours)
Performers: 2, 3 or 4
Audio: In-house music or CD-soundtrack
Performance Space: Flexible / Roving
Best for: Meet 'n' greet entertainment, birthday parties, weddings, nightclubs
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Unleash our fiery roving characters to enliven any party atmosphere!

Our roving performers can wander amongst guests, performing up-close theatrical fire eating and body burning stunts, as well as high energy fire spinning with a wide variety of props (space permitting) including some choreographed stunts. This is a flexible format that can be performed in a variety of creative performance spaces. Unlike our choreographed productions, the roving performance format is not synchronised to music, and so it is recommended that in-house music be provided (live music / band / dj / CD, etc). Alternatively we can provide a CD soundtrack on request.

This versatile display is suitable for any big or small, indoor or outdoor event and is themed with a variety of options:

The Party Pixies: Psychedellic flaming pixies in colourful reflective costumes perform playful and death-defying stunts.

Fiery Devils: Cheeky and sneaky, these fiery devils dress the part in red hot vinyl costumes. Perfect for themed functions and halloween parties.

Tribal Mystics: Mysterious, elemental characters draped cloth and clay engage in primal fire antics.
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