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Eskenta! Unsuited: Hot under the collar Fire Characters
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A suitably flaming fantasy: 'unsuited' is a charming exploration of freedom and expression in our scheduled lives. Discover the place where briefcase juggling meets flaming tango...

Duration: 12 minutes
Performers: 3
Audio: Premixed CD soundtrack
Min Stage Size: 9 x 5 m
Best for: Special events, business functions
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This playful production takes your typical suited businessman and throws him into a splendid fiery fantasy. Follow a journey that weaves together unexpected characters in a dramatic mix of the ordinary and extraordinary.

'Unsuited' borrows from a variety of classic dance genres from swing to tango and blends them with contemporary circus arts to create a spellbinding fire performance complete with briefcase juggling, flaming hula hoops, fire swords, blazing rope dancing and more. This light-hearted adventure is set seamlessly to a captivating soundtrack that will guarantee an unforgettable performance experience.

Sassy, slick, and full of character, 'unsuited' is an anything-but-ordinary fire performance that will charm and surprise audiences in a show aptly suited to business functions.
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