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flicker UV Wonderland
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flicker brings colours to life.
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Duration: 10 or 15 minutes*
Performers: 2 or 3
Audio: Premixed CD soundtrack
Stage Size: 8 x 5m (minimum)
Best for: Indoor stage production; corporate events; technology-related product launches

Blacklight Performance Lose yourself in an explosion of light, colour, sound and movement. A fusion of technology with contemporary circus and movement, flicker brings colours to life...

First debuted at the 'Smirnoff Experience 2007' in India, this unique performance features state of the art UV-reactive and LED illuminated props.

Through striking costumes and innovative movement, flicker captivates audiences with dynamic choreography, a synchronised Chinese ribbon dance and high energy glow twirling — all set seamlessly to a dynamic soundtrack.

This unforgettable production is uniquely suited to sophisticated corporate events and technology-related product launches.

See the flicker demo video , or the photo gallery for more...

*15 minute show requires 3 performers
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